Against the grain

‘At Abrahams‘ project ‘Against the grain’ at the V&A ; special installation to celebrate ‘against the grainers‘. This event was organized by Studio Abrahams in London.

About ‘Against the grain‘ event
New ideas are almost always in conflict with the mainstream. And the best ones change the world and become common currency until the next one comes along. During this stimulating evening guests were provoked by an audacious view on the banking crisis to an unorthodox poetry performance at the V&A with Professor Steve Bown, The Optimum Population Trust / Ben Broadbent, UK economist, Goldman Sachs / Margot Henderson, chef, Arnold & Henderson / Matt Parker, Queen Mary University of London and Sara Santos, Royal Institution of Great Britain, maths buskers / Kate Tempest, poet / chaired by Ben Lewis, art critic and film maker. This event took place at V&A, The Sackler Centre, Cromwell Road, London.

You can download pdf document here: At Abrahams final outlines

Photos from \'Against the grain\' event

Mandragora typeface.

Typeface Mandragora is inspired by floral Arabic ornaments of the walls of Alhambra (Moorish palace and fortress in Granada, Spain).Created in Fontlab.


Website for a ‚Thrifty housewife‘

Design of a website that provides advice for the smart and thrifty housewife who wants to get the best out of food storing and savings. This fresh and playful design is inspired by 1940’s and is accompanied by hand-made pictograms.

Book „13&1 horror“.

Short horror stories book. The birds by Daphne du Maurier with my cover, layout and illustrations. The book is hand-made and offset printed. Velvet is used for a cover and the title is printed by silkscreen process.

Europe without barriers.

„Europe without barriers“ competition poster @Finalist of competition ‚Europe without barriers‘ – itinerant exhibition in several European capitals. @social politics issues in European community.


Fanzine „BYL“.

Fanzine „BYL“ („a HERB“) — a magazine about magic, herbs and witchcraft. My own texts, layout, cover and illustrations with my font „Mandragora“.



Visual identity, logotype, magazine design, prints and a public social campaign for TASC (Trauma and Abuse Support Centre). TASC is the UK based organization that provides a therapy services for adult survivors of child sexual abuse and ritual abuse.


22nd Bienale of Graphic Design

The corporate identity and visuals for the international graphic design competition „22. Bienale of graphic design in Brno, 2006“. This is a fictitious story about two blondes bombshells who figured that at the „22. Bienale of graphic design in Brno“ they could could possibly pick up some handsome graphic designers …



A book of ancient wisdom written in Sanskrit. I created a layout and completed it with my illustrations. Print: combined – offset and silkscreen. The book contains verses in Sanskrit, its roman transliteration and a translation into Czech language.


Superpresident of the university.

A promotion of a new product „The Universal Superpresident Of The University“ in attractive package. Every higher education facility needs him. Get him for a good price. A humorous critique of Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague’s prolonged elections for a vice-chancellor.

Rebirth of ‚Tuzex‘.

The rebirth of extinguished store of communist era called „TUZEX“. I created a catalogue for this store and created many varieties of logotype for Tuzex, inspired by packaging designs offered by original Tuzex store.


Animals Monument.

The monument for animals that have been eaten, supporting vegetarianism. On the walls of monument are written facts about how meat-industry’s polluting our environment.


Graphic Chart.

The graphic presentation of statistic on ‚How many children smoke cigarettes‘. Every color of a child figure represents certain age group, while every group has its own ratio representation. There is the alarming statistics of high number of young cigarette smokers explained in the graphics.